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How do you like to be served…robotically…or personally?

I think we’ll be bumping into this question more often as time goes on, and functions that used to be handled by humans – like you and me – are being accomplished by machines and technology. case in point…

The “auto-attendant”. We all run into these. The digital replacement of the receptionist or phone operator, the auto-attendant is a one-time investment that allows an organization to save thousands of dollars in personnel costs, while giving the caller an opportunity to hunt through a company directory by pushing a few buttons. In theory, not a bad thing. In practice, an often frustrating exercise in futility. Unfortunately, the auto-attendant doesn’t have the ability to think, so you’d better home you know what you’re doing before you encounter one. Also unfortunate…they won’t be going away.

How do you feel about “impersonal service”? Does the stark, cold reality of the technological world we live in, appeal to you? I’m hoping the answer is NO, but if you are somewhat apprehensive of human interaction, you may feel differently.

Personal service is somewhat underappreciated in today’s world. Getting to a live person when you phone a business is fairly unexpected. Yet live people are what put the “personal” in personalized service. And nothing beats service that is directed right at YOU.

O’Hare-Midway still boasts 24-hour live customer support…no outside answering services of outsourced call centers. In the Chicago limo market, this is critical, because ground transportation never sleeps. When a client calls OML, they get someone IN OUR OFFICE, not a cell phone next to someone’s bed. The person on the phone is an O’Hare-Midway employee, and has an interest in helping the caller. This personalized approach is what makes us an industry leader, and one of the premier limousine services in the nation.

We could easily take the auto-attendant route, but our clients are extremely important to us, and we don’t feel comfortable having a computer take care of our customers.

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Dale Schahczinski
Goal driven team leader, with industry experience spanning all aspects of operations and administration.