Preventing Winter Boredom in Chicago Snowstorms

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Don’t Go Stir-Crazy: Easy Ways to Stay Sane in Winter Storms

This winter has been tough so far, and for those of you in cities like Chicago and parts of the northern United States, you’ve gotten more snow than you’ve ever seen before. This insane amount of snow has kept many people in doors for the majority of the past month, leading them to search for easy ways to keep occupied and stave off the stir-craziness that being house-bound can cause.

If you’re gearing up for another heavy snow, and know you’ll be stuck in your house for a while, you might be looking for ways to stay occupied, too. To help keep the stir-craziness at bay, we’ve compiled a list of ways to keep busy and prevent boredom while you wait for the blizzard to pass.

1. Start a Project

We all have a list of things we’d love to get done, but can never seem to find the time. The sheer pressure or running errands and getting the kids to practices and appointments can start to overwhelm us in the normal day-to-day; being snowed in gives you the opportunity to focus on projects around the house!

Whether it’s rearranging your closet, giving the bathroom a deep clean, or reorganizing your office, being snowed in is the perfect time to tackle that never-ending list of projects around the house.

When you’ve finished a long-lingering project, you can enjoy the rest of your snow day in solace, with a feeling of accomplishment.

2. Choose a Book

Reading is among the most fulfilling pass-times for many of us, yet finding time to indulge in reading the way we want is difficult. Being stuck indoors for a couple of days is the perfect time to jump into that book you’ve been eyeing. You might even get around to reading a couple of the books from your list.

Learning is one of the most enjoyable parts of being a human; why not use the next winter storm as an opportunity to learn about something new?

3. Have Fun with Your Kids

Spending time with your kids is also precious when you’re constantly on the go. Being stuck indoors during a blizzard is the perfect time to spend quality time with your family.

Consider choosing special activities to keep your kids occupied, like blowing bubbles, doing arts and crafts, or cooking something together. If you want, choose a special game to play with them and offer them special rewards as you play.

Board games, reading books together, or watching a movie are also ways to spend quality time with your children when you’re stuck in the house.

4. Plan Your Vacation

Maybe the craziness of your daily schedule has kept you from really planning that vacation you want to take this summer.

Whether it’s to visit a tropical locale and bask in the sunshine or head west to enjoy the scenic mountains and local cuisine, your vacation should be everything you’ve dreamed of.

A snow day is the perfect time to hop online and get a few of your plans squared away! Choose the hotel you’d like to stay in, peruse flights for different days of the week and find some local event or festivals happening around the time of your visit.

When you have your distant vacation to think of and plan, surviving the stolid indoors during a winter storm can seem a little easier.

OML Worldwide Transportation in Chicago wants to remind you all to stay safe this winter; don’t drive during harsh conditions, especially if you don’t know the area well. We hope your next snow day is as fun and lively as any time out in the city.

Stay warm!

photo credit: STOP Snowing! via photopin (license)

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