Providing an Accurate Manifest

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Handling transportation for groups can be difficult.  The differences in VIP vs. training groups or large vs. small groups add their own unique challenges.  One thing that is a must for every group is having an accurate manifest.  Below are a few tips to help your Chicago Limo company ensure your group transportation is the highlight of your event.

Flight Info – Inaccurate flight information is the issue we see most often with group transportation.  Be sure you give the flight number for the last leg of the flight if there are connections.  Giving the originating city can help your Chicago limo company find a flight if there are discrepancies.

Templates – Many limousine companies can give you a template to help with organizing your transportation.  Using the provided manifest will ensure all the info needed is provided.

Grouping Passengers – NEVER group passengers who arrive on different flights.  Many clients ask to do this and, as much as we’d like it to, it seldom works.  Flights get delayed and cancelled creating scheduling issues and potential problems for your passengers.

Hope this helps everyone!

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Dale Schahczinski
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