Reservation Change Warning

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One of the features of our online reservation application is the ability to recommend a pick up time based on your pick up location, drop off location and any flight information we are given. For trips that don’t involve an airport, you will need to select your own pick up time and no calculation will occur.

When changing any of the three factors in calculating the recommended time, the pick up time is re-calculated. Many of our customers asked for a warning message when this happens, as they were sometimes unaware that the pick up time had changed.

Several weeks ago we implemented this change in our application to notify you whenever your pick up time was changed by any means other than you changing it manually. Many of you have probably already seen this pop-up:

When editing an existing reservation, the application will make note of the original pick up date/time. If you should change the pick up location, drop off location or flight information, the application will re-calculate the pick up date/time. The change will trigger this warning when you save the reservation. If lists the original pick up date/time and the new recommended date/time, giving you the option of using the new time or reverting back to the original time.

When making a new reservation, something similar occurs. There is no original pick up date/time, so the application make a note of the first time the pick up date/time is calculated and marks that as the original. This way, if you go back to an earlier section and change something that causes the pick up date/time to re-calculate, you will still get the warning.

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