Rules About Alcohol in Limousines

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There is a question asked of limousine services almost as often as “How much will it cost…?”, and it concerns the rules regarding consumption of alcohol in limousines. What ARE the rules regarding drinking in limos?
Let’s start at the beginning. Regulations may vary, but the word “divider” is significant in any discussion regarding alcohol in chauffeured vehicles. In the 80’s and 90’s, it seemed a fairly mute point, since stretch limousines dominated the market, and almost all drinking done by clients took place in these types of vehicles. The rules were easy to understand, since most limousines had dividers to create a perceived “separation” between the client and chauffeur. Over the years, as the economy began to falter – and eventually nosedive – stretch limousines began to fall out of favor with corporate clients and other “fiscally responsible” consumers, who perceived limousines as a sign of wanton excess. This opened the door for a paradigm shift within the industry, and today sedans and SUV’s are the primary modes of chauffeured transportation. But…no dividers.
According to the “rules”, if there is no divider between the chauffeur and the client, drinking is not allowed in the vehicle. The same rule applies to mini-coach buses and vans. However, most coachbuilders take this into account when designing their vehicles, and create “dividers” to allow for legal consumption.
Knowing the rules can make your transportation experience less of a hassle. O’Hare-Midway Limousine Service can take you to and from an event where drinking is taking place, but if you are riding in a sedan or SUV, unfortunately you will not be drinking in-between…legally anyway.

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Dale Schahczinski
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