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Safe Ground Transportation for Business Travel: 4 Tips for Choosing the Right Company

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This blog was originally published in 2015; we have since updated it to reflect the most current and accurate information possible. 

Business travelers have a lot of concerns when it comes to their trips. Delayed flights, bad hotel rooms and botched business meetings are just three of them.

Also on that list is the concern of finding safe, reliable ground transportation for their trips.

With the various threats that exist on the road, finding reliable ground transportation is a matter of both comfort and personal safety.

OML Worldwide has over 60 years of ground transportation experience. We know what it takes to provide a busy executive with trips that are both efficient and comfortable.

Using our expertise and experience, we compiled a list of tips for finding safe ground transportation during your next business trip.

Find Reliable Online Reviews

Most consumers know the importance of reading online reviews before making a purchasing decision or choosing a company to handle their business.

However, finding reliable online reviews might be more an equation that you know.

It’s important to be discerning when selecting review sites and reviews to guide you through the reservation process.

+ It’s important to check several review sites for an overall image of the company you’re considering.

+ Be weary of fake reviews. Check for robotic language, spam links or other red flags.

+ Check out this handy guide to spotting fake reviews when looking for information on your potential car service company.

Look for Memberships in Organizations

Another important thing to consider when choosing a ground transportation provider is their activity in notable organizations.

Legitimate transportation companies should hold membership in a few choice organizations:

+ National Limousine Association

+ Local Chambers of Commerce

+ Local Airport or Port Authority Organizations

Of course, you should keep in mind that not all of these organizations apply to every transportation company.

*For instance, if a company is not present on the Better Business Bureau, that might be because no customers have filed complaints against them.

Check for Affiliations

Once you find a company you trust, it’s important that they’re available to you when you need them.

It’s important for a great transportation to have affiliates around the world.

With affiliates, you can book with your trusted company no matter where your travels take you.

Make sure you ask specific questions about affiliates when interviewing a potential transportation company. 

If they have a strong network set-up, it will be easier for you to utilize their services in each of your business trip destinations.

Check for Strict Chauffeur-Hiring Practices

Amid recent claims that Uber drivers have assaulted their passengers, business travelers are more concerned about their safety than before.

Choosing a reliable ground transportation company means asking pointed questions about hiring practices.

A good company will have strict chauffeur screening processes.

Ask these questions in regards to chauffeurs and the hiring process:

+ Do your run background checks on potential chauffeurs?

+ Do you drug test potential chauffeurs?

+ Do you check the driving history of potential chauffeurs?

+ Do you hire professional chauffeurs with expert knowledge of the local area?

When you know your chauffeur has been carefully vetted, you can travel with peace of mind. You know that your trip is in the hands of a consummate professional, instead of a random person who took the job to make a little extra money.

As your next business trip nears, you might be concerned with finding reliable ground transportation.

We hope these tips will help you choose the company that will work for you.

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