Selecting a Stronger Password

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If you would like or need to change your password, the option is located in the main menu at the top of the page under Admin/Change Password. Here are some tips on selecting a stronger, more secure password:

  • Do Not Re-Use Passwords Never, ever, ever use the same password twice – not on the same system and not on different systems. Hackers have a higher chance of discovering that you are re-using your old password.
  • Use a Secure Password Management Tool A password management tool encrypts your password database and offer random password generation. Many integrate with a cloud service giving you access to your passwords from any Web terminal or smart phone. Examples are LastPass, Keepass, Onepass and RoboForm.
  • Use a Passphrase Instead of picking a single word or string of characters, pick 3 to 6 words and use them as a collective. Try to avoid picking words that go together in any way. This creates exceptionally long passwords and even as lowercase-only would be improbable for a hacker to figure out.
  • Do Not Write Your Password Down That being said, if you have to write down your password, don’t ever write it down in such a way that it seems like it is a password. Don’t keep it near your computer. Considering writing it down in code, you could write it down in reverse order or inside out. You could always leave off the last two letters, just make sure you remember what those letters are.
  • Stop Replacing Your Password Every XX Days/Weeks/Months If you have a secure password, there is no need to change it periodically. Changing passwords just because time has pass does not benefit the typical user.
  • Use All Possible Character Type Supported In most cases, lowercase, uppercase and numbers are universally supported. If you can use symbols or higher order ASCII characters, do so.
  • Make You Passwords Longer Length is the primary factor in a password’s strength, with complexity a close second.
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