Spring Severe Weather Tips

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It’s finally here!!  With the spring season comes warm weather, big smile, and family vacations.  While you’re out and about, keep these tips from your Chicago limousine company in mind.

1)      Tornados – If you’re traveling in the Midwest or south, tornados can be a serious concern.  Keep your ears alert for tornado sirens.  If you hear sirens, try to get to a secure structure.  If one is not available, get to the lowest point possible.

2)      Hail – Hail is another issue we deal with regularly in the Midwest.  Heavy hail storms not only cause tremendous damage to your vehicle, they also create driving hazards.  Keep in mind that driving in hail is much like driving on ice.  Give extra stopping distance and easy on the accelerator and brake.

3)      Heavy Rain at Night – This is a trick I picked up from a chauffeur.  During severe rain at night it can be difficult to see because of the glare on the windshield.  Wearing light sunglasses will reduce the glare and increase your visibility.

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