Subtle…Like a Train Wreck

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When arriving at your destination in a chauffeured vehicle, your goal should be to be noticed, but not “noticeable”. Turning heads doesn’t need to mean turning stomachs.
As is the case with most (non-airport) transfers, clients are looking to be driven to and from their destination in comfort and style…safely and at a cost they can justify. They may want to enjoy a few cocktails during the evening without having to worry about the possibility of getting a DUI on the way home, or maybe they just want to celebrate a special occasion. O’Hare-Midway excels at this type of transportation, and has been doing it for 57 years, providing limo service in Chicago and surrounding suburbs with a fleet of new and late model luxury vehicles. However, while we boasted a large number of stretch limousines in the past, we offer far fewer these days, opting to follow the industry and corporate trend or more subtle and environmentally friendly cars.
The large capacity vehicle option these days tends to be the SUV, which can handle five to six people comfortably with sufficient room for luggage. These tend to be nice options for traveling families, but work well for those nights “on the town”. Showing up at a Chicago restaurant in a Lincoln Navigator is a subtle way to arrive, and though people may turn their heads as you leave your vehicle, they probably won’t point or stare. The same can’t be said if you pour out of a block-long limousine and stumble onto the sidewalk.
Smaller sedans are taking control of the limousine industry, and will probably maintain their hold for the foreseeable future. There is nothing wrong with this, unless you’re trying to pack four of five people into one. Not only will you be hanging out the windows gasping for air, you’ll also miss out on the experience of being chauffeured to your destination. Again…you don’t want people to point and stare.
The reasoning behind vehicle shrinkage in our business is that corporations are worried about perception. Even though the cost isn’t that much different, a limousine LOOKS like it costs more to ride in than a sedan does. This is also why many people have shifted to taxis, not knowing that larger, newer, and equally affordable options await them if they know where to call.
Watching someone pull up at an event in a long stretch limousine used to be interesting…maybe even exciting. Now that’s a thing of the past. Arriving in a well appointed SUV or sedan makes your arrival classy, albeit subtle.

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Dale Schahczinski
Goal driven team leader, with industry experience spanning all aspects of operations and administration.