Summer Starts…HERE

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The “unofficial” start to summer has just passed. Memorial Day, although solemn in its intention, is the starting gun for the party portion of the calendar. Actually…it seems that there is an equal number of touching stories of sacrifice and picnic supply sales in my Sunday paper.

Summer is our natural “relief valve” in the Midwest. There are “spring” people, and “fall” people, and even the occasional “winter” person. But almost everyone is a SUMMER person. We are usually still shaking off the icicles of winter throughout spring, so the timing of Memorial Day – and it’s designation as the start of summer – makes perfect sense. After all, the holiday weekend is only a few weeks from the meteorological start of spring anyway. Why not just make it official?

As for O’Hare-Midway Limousine Service, Memorial Day is the “unofficial” signal for business to start winding down. With a client base that is heavily weighted on the corporate travel side, it’s easy to understand why. Summer is vacation season, and as people take time off in corporate America, they stop being corporate travelers for a while. They may offer us opportunities to provide transportation to the airports when they are on hiatus, but the fact is that more people travel by personal car for summer vacations than any other mode of transportation. As one of the largest limo services in Chicago, we use this “down time” to reorganize our fleet, replacing older vehicles with new ones. When business starts to pick up again in September, we’re ready to hit the ground running.

When Labor Day rolls around, it signals the “unofficial” end of summer and the start of the long and somewhat depressing winter cycle (as I call it). But again, it means something different to us at O’Hare-Midway. With the onset of autumn, we begin to see the full return of the corporate traveler, and a noticeable upturn in business. By mid-month, we’re back at full stride.

The peaks and valleys of our business remind me of going to school as a kid. Summer vacation meant my life got a little quieter, and I took that time to regroup and recharge my batteries. When the new school year was set to begin, I would begin to get anxious knowing that the workload would start picking up.

Funny how insignificant pieces of our early lives were probably preparing us for our future, before we knew what our future would be.

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Dale Schahczinski
Goal driven team leader, with industry experience spanning all aspects of operations and administration.