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Surviving Your O’Hare Airport Delay: 3 Things to Remember

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This blog was originally published in 2015; we have since updated it to reflect the most current and accurate information possible. 

O’Hare Airport in Chicago is one of the busiest in the world.

For travelers experiencing a delay or cancellation, the extra time in this huge airport can be intimidating.

There are easy ways to make the most of a delay at O’Hare, however.

rom venturing into the city to knowing where to find the best restaurants and shopping inside the airport.

Maybe you just got the news that your flight will be a few hours late or that you’ll need to reschedule your trip for another flight later in the day. If so, this blog is for you. Check out these 3 easy tips for making the most of your O’Hare delay.

Book Car Service and See Chicago!

The easiest way to pass a long delay is to get out of O’Hare and into the city.

Unfortunately, finding transportation for such a sojourn can be a challenge. O’Hare sits approximately 25 miles from downtown Chicago, and it can be hard to find a cab or ride-sharing service during peak hours.

Similarly, it can get really expensive and confusing to fund a last-minute trip into the city from the airport without a local expert driver there to streamline the process.

All of these issues are resolved with car service. OML Worldwide has been providing superior luxury transportation to and from O’Hare Airport for over 50 years.

We know the quickest routes and can offer advice on great places to see during your delay. Our pricing is transparent, our chauffeurs are impeccably trained, and we pride ourselves on giving you the best experience possible.

When every second counts, put your transportation in the hands of the professionals.

Find a Great Restaurant

O’Hare is an expansive, world-class airport with tons of options for dining. But if you don’t know what’s available and where to find it, your delay can turn into a nightmare of hunger.

Have no fear: we’ve outlined a few notable restaurants and where they’re located inside the airport to give you a leg up on any hunger-related frustrations during your O’Hare delay:

+ Billy Goat Tavern and Grille, Terminal 1, Concourse C, Gate C19: Enjoy breakfast plates, burgers, sandwiches, local specialties, beer and wine selections and more.

+ Goose Island Brew Pub, Terminal 1, Concourse C, Gate C10 & Terminal 3, Concourse L, Gate L10: Enjoy table service, a huge variety of local beer, pub fare and a place to sit and relax.

+ O’Brien’s Restaurant and Bar, Terminal 3, Concourse H, Gate H5: Hand-carved sandwiches, a variety of salads and wraps and breakfast until 10 am are just a few of the things you can expect at O’Brien’s inside O’Hare.

+ Tuscany Restaurant, Terminal 1, Concourse B, Gate B18: Table service and a variety of delicious coffees and cocktails make the Tuscany Restaurant an ideal spot to pass a long and challenging delay.

These are just some of the restaurants where you can get a hearty meal or table service to make your delay go more quickly.

Check out the complete list of restaurants, fast-food, coffee joints and more here.

Find Places to Shop

Maybe you have gifts to buy, would like to purchase a book or newspaper to pass the time, or simply want to browse the selections as your delay ticks by. Here are a few shopping standouts in O’Hare and where you can find them:

+ COACH, Terminal 2, Main Hall: This luxury retailer is a great place to treat yourself, to a new purse, accessories and more.

+ Barbara’s Bookstore, Terminal 1: Concourses B & C, Gates B10 & C15; Terminal 2: Concourse E, Gate E3; Terminal 3: Concourses G & H, Gates G13 & H4: Searching for a book? Head to Barbara’s for a great selection.

+ MAC Cosmetics, Terminal 2, Main Hall: Get all the products you need to look pulled together and fresh-faced as you weather a long delay at O’Hare.

You can find the complete list of shops at O’Hare, along with their locations and their hours by clicking here.

As you prepare for a possible delay at O’Hare, we hope you feel more at ease knowing there is car service, restaurants and shops that you can utilize to make your time go more quickly and be more enjoyable.

Contact OML Worldwide to make your reservation today.

Photo Credit: Mark Fischer

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