Taming the 5 breeds of clients/ prospects

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In my last post I explained how I like to classify prospect/ clients into canine breeds to understand their tendencies and personalities.  In this post I’ll explain the techniques I use to tame these breeds.

Pit Bull – Patience and a strong will are the keys to this relationship.  Respond quickly and accurately to every inquiry you get from them.   While your face to face meetings may be rough at first, they will get easier the longer you foster this friendship.  And again, I’ve found these are the most loyal clients once they are on your side.

Great Dane – This relationship must be built slowly.  Many of your competition never approach these clients and the few that do are extremely aggressive.  You need to find the happy medium.   It may take 5-10 times meeting them at association events to get a sales meeting but it will be well worth it when you do.

Labrador Retriever – These prospects are not purposely deceiving you they just get easily distracted.  The best thing for these prospects is to keep in touch often.  Also, make sure you have something exciting to offer them at each stage of the sales process.  They are easily excited so it’s best to use that to your advantage.

Bull Dog – Don’t get discouraged.  You may get little to no buying signs from them but they are definitely listening.  Be sincere in your offerings and back up everything you say with a little bit of proof.  Referrals also work magic with the Bull Dog.

Jack Russell Terrier – Be “On-Call” whenever they need you.  All of my JRT clients have my cell number programmed into theirs.   I always explain they can call me at any time and if I’m available I will pick up.  However, be prepared to take those calls.  In my experiences, they will try to get you at weird hours just to see if they can, but after a couple calls they know you are there and feel safe.

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