Team Building – Part 4

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If you run a baseball team, you may want to focus on pitching and power at the corner spots. You may build a <1football team on a strong defense, or your basketball team on shooters instead of rebounders. Deciding what kind of team to build, and bringing that plan to life, is what will ultimately take you to the top of the rock…or head you straight towards oblivion. So…what will your team look like? It probably doesn’t matter at first. All of your evaluating, interviewing, testing, and voodoo are great tools to make you feel that you’ve found the right people, but experience tells us that no system is flawless, and assuming that you’ve assembled the most perfect team since OJ waltzed into the courtroom with Johnny Cochran could be a huge mistake as well as an unparalleled display of hubris. Be excited about the team you’ve assembled, and move forward with caution. Be objective about their performance, and willing to accept the fact that some of your choices could become dismal failures. It can…and probably will happen at some point. Don’t despair. Remember…always have a Plan B. Make it a point to evaluate your team frequently and regularly. Look for attitudes or actions that may be contrary to your design, and deal with them immediately. The last thing you want to do is give the impression that you are accepting of poor performances, or that you just don’t care. This will have a negative effect on the rest of the team. Remember inclusion…and schedule meetings to sit and discuss the thoughts and ideas your team may have. Take notes, and be prepared to praise employees for their contributions. More importantly, be prepared to put a team member’s idea or suggestion into action. Not just that, but know how to give that person credit for the idea. Some people can’t get past that step, and feel threatened by team members who come up with “better” ideas. Personally, I feel this is flawed thinking. Anything that makes your company better will reflect positively on you...the leader...the manager...the head coach. Encouragement and praise will help you get the respect and ultimately the devotion of your team. O’Hare-Midway Limousine Service is blessed with a great team of individuals that are motivated to get the job done. Most of our office staff has been with us in excess of 5 years, with several people eclipsing 25 years of service in the Chicago limousine market.

(Part 5 – A brief summary)

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Dale Schahczinski
Goal driven team leader, with industry experience spanning all aspects of operations and administration.