The American Road Trip – Part Deux

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While driving through Indiana last week, I witnessed something that always makes me wish I’d become an over-the-road trucker instead of a limo service geek. Not that I don’t enjoy my role as the COO of a large limousine service in Chicago, but there’s just something about watching truck drivers take over a highway. Case in point…
As I was cruising leisurely up Route 65 on my way back from a long summer vacation, I began seeing signs that road construction was coming up some distance ahead. The van was basically on auto-pilot for an hour or so, but I began making preparations for what was coming, shifting from cruise control and getting a feel for who and what was around me. As we got closer, I saw that the left lane would be closing in a few miles, so I moved to the right lane as soon as I safely could. Being Thursday evening, I was also expecting that there would be some sort of backup coming soon, and as expected…traffic came to a halt. However, as we often see in these types of traffic scenarios, when the right lane stops, the left lane seem to populate with cars and drivers not willing to wait. Here is where the truckers come in. After a dozen or so cars flew by me one the left, the “passing lane” emptied out…meaning there were no more cars coming. And while I was impressed by the thought that my fellow drivers had decided to be courteous and wait their turn, in reality it was a semi truck driver about a quarter mile behind me that was responsible for the unusual display of good behavior. He shifted his rig into the left lane and effectively blocked all those impatient souls from shoving their way to the front of the line, sparing them the taunts and curses of us law-abiding do-gooders.
Truck drivers often get a bad rap, and many times it’s deserved. However, there is a vast army of road warriors out there, watching for scofflaws and dispensing their own brand of justice. And then there are guys like me, driving home from vacation and wishing I was the guy driving that rig, with a line of cars behind me a mile long, sitting in my truck laughing.

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Dale Schahczinski
Goal driven team leader, with industry experience spanning all aspects of operations and administration.