The Fun Never Ends

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One thing I can say after 30 years in the limousine business is that no two days are the same. Each day is a new “adventure”, and some of them can be quite a challenge. Yes…the fun never ends at O’Hare-Midway Limousine Service. Take yesterday for example…
Chicago was swamped with (up to) five inches of rain, and the flooding that followed closed roads and highways throughout the area. Some neighborhoods became lake resorts, and a lot of businesses were forced to put aside their normal routines to pump water for a large part of their day. Somehow, through all of this, OML had the responsibility of covering hundreds of pre-arranged reservations for people that needed to get to airports, appointments, or home. I’m glad to say we were successful, but it goes without saying that there was some additional stress involved.
These kinds of days are fairly rare, but so are routine days. It is my experience in the nearly 11,000 days I’ve been with the company…most days fall somewhere in between the two. Lost drivers, lost orders, lost clients, reservations that were never made, people that forget they need a ride, cars breaking down, rain, sleet, snow, deer attacks…the list goes on forever.
Someone said that, in order to survive you constantly need to adapt and improvise. That is certainly true in our industry, because the day you think you have everything figured out…the game changes. Everything from vehicle types to city and local regulations, software to hardware, things have been changing with alarming rapidity. One day…you have a “state-of-the-art” dispatch system, and the next thing you know, your competitors have passed you by. Your pride and joy has just become a very expensive dinosaur.
The key to our success is to adapt. Our goal is to anticipate what might be coming up next and put ourselves in a position to seamlessly adjust, adding value and convenience for our customers without the need for major overhauls and “service shock”.
For a Chicago limo service, it seems like the fun never ends. But that’s what makes this business fun.

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Dale Schahczinski
Goal driven team leader, with industry experience spanning all aspects of operations and administration.