The Value of Personalized Service

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As one of the oldest and most reputable limo services in Chicago, O’Hare-Midway has the right to say we’ve seen it all. From the “cowboy” days to the current technology trend, we’ve managed to remain a premier ground transportation provider in and around the city, employing a successful blend of quality, pricing, and service.
When people think of limousine or car “service”, the often default to the service provided in the vehicle by the chauffeur, or maybe by the person that took their order on the phone. But one of the most undervalued service elements in our industry today is the “Personalized Service” that a quality limo company provides its customers.
The big buzz in the world of chauffeured transportation right now is the proliferation of on-demand limousine service. There are several companies with apps running in Chicago as I write this, pouring tons of money in an effort to attract customers (their primary target is millennials) with interactive Smartphone technology that brings a chauffeured vehicle to you at the touch of a screen. What they don’t offer is personalized service, a person to speak with or a place to go when something bad happens. They are just apps…technology…and technology is intended to eliminate the need for people.
Fortunately, on-demand services are quick to expose their own weaknesses. If a client is dissatisfied with their service, there is no one to talk with about it. After all, the company only supplies the app. On-demand apps are not limo services, and should not be included in conversation as such. They will never offer personalized service, or need specific options, because they could care less about the customer experience. A true limo company knows the value of personalized service. We hope the traveling public does too.

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Dale Schahczinski
Goal driven team leader, with industry experience spanning all aspects of operations and administration.