Traveling in Mexico?

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One of the most desired and traveled destinations for Spring Break Travel is Mexico.  Below are a few tips from your Chicago limo service to help make your next trip south of the border safer.

Before you leave:

  • Research your destination. The US State Department‘s Web site has information about Mexico including current warnings and announcements regarding safety issues for travelers.
  • Avoid taking valuables with you.  Unless necessary, leave the fancy jewelry at home.
  • Email copies of your passport and travel documents to your personal email account.  This way, if your items are stolen or lost you still have access to the necessary information.

While you travel:

  • Don’t look like a tourist.  Carrying a camera around your neck is a quick tip-off to pickpockets
  • Only carry the cash you need.  Keep the remaining money in a money belt or the hotel’s safe.
  • Be cautious when in a crowd.  Pickpockets are pretty sneaky and often work in teams.
  • Be sure your transportation is safe.  Calling your Chicago limo service to book secure transportation is the best option.
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