Wasn’t it Just Summer?

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The funny thing about the change of seasons, especially in the Midwest, is that we – collectively – seem be caught by surprise every year.  And while this may be comical in one sense, it does have consequences; especially if you are a limousine service in Chicago or any other major population center that experiences the worst that the winter season has to offer.

For instance, as we go through the hot and dry months of July and August, people rarely have the need to use their windshield wipers.  With the arrival of the rains of early to late autumn, we may notice that our wipers aren’t functioning at their optimum, and the refrain “I need to replace these before winter” echoes across the land.  Then…boom!  Winter is here, and the unprepared population either burns a trail to the nearest auto parts store, or spends the early days of winter with their heads poking out the driver side window trying to navigate through traffic while cursing an opaque windshield for being useless.  Surprise!!!

As individuals, we can be excused for being inept when it comes to seasonal preparedness, but a commercial transportation company has no excuse, and has the additional responsibility of maintaining a high safety standard.  O’Hare-Midway Limousine Service takes this responsibility very seriously, and inspects it vehicles weekly to assure that even the most basic of safety features is properly maintained.

It should become part of every driver’s routine to address safety related issues as soon as they become apparent, even if they seem “unnecessary” at the time.  Then, when the change of season “surprises” us…we’ll be prepared.


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Dale Schahczinski
Goal driven team leader, with industry experience spanning all aspects of operations and administration.