What Does Fall Mean To You?

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In the waning days of summer, people try to cram as many summer-like activities into their schedules as possible.  When it comes to sports, our “fabled” baseball teams have been a disappointment, but they are still drawing fans in the closing weeks of the season.  Both the Cubs and White Sox can put 2013 in the books under “please forget”, and both can recite the familiar…”Wait ’till next year”.  Beaches, amusement parks, bicycle trails, and picnic areas should see a surge in activity over the next few weekends.  Yard work takes on a new sense of urgency, painting must be done while the weather is still optimal, and driveways may need attention. Stuff, stuff, stuff.

On the more relaxing side of the coin, fall can be a relaxing time of year.  As the summer heat begins to dial down to more temperate levels, casual strolls become more inviting.  Toss in the colorful changing of leaves, and you have the recipe for tranquil weekends.  Apple and pumpkin picking are two “back-to-basics” activities that bring people together, and fall festivals abound in and around Halloween.

Autumn is also a great time of year to relax and enjoy a good glass of wine.  It may be surprising to hear that Illinois has around 100 wineries in operation, and that 15 of them are part of the Northern Illinois Wine Trail that stretches from downtown Chicago out to Galena.  Why not gather a few of your closest “wine friends” and take a little tour, sample some wine, have lunch, dinner, or both?  To make things easier for you, O’Hare-Midway Limousine Service can supply a bus or van (depending on the size of your Group) to take you to each stop along the way, safely transporting your group in one of our comfortable mini-coach buses.

Don’t forget the “dark side” of fall.  At Six Flags in Gurnee, Fright Fest begins on Saturday, September 28th, and always draws a large crowd of fun seekers.  Again, leave the driving to us, and we’ll take you there and bring you back on the schedule you choose.

Regardless of how you look at fall, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the time of year and the events it brings.  You may not think of limo service as a convenience yet, but once you use OML to take you for your fall outing, you’ll wonder why you didn’t call us earlier.

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Dale Schahczinski
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