MPEA tax

What is an MPEA tax

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 Are you curious about the MPEA taxes instituted on commercials vehicles in Chicago? We’re here to explain. 

The Lowdown on the MPEA Tax in Chicago

In Chicago, any time a commercial vehicle departs O’Hare or Midway Airports, a mandatory tax is imposed on that vehicle.

The tax, known as the MPEA tax, is enforced by the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority and it imposes a fee on every vehicle for hire, large or small, that departs from a commercial service airport in Chicago. 

The MPEA tax rates, per vehicle, are as follows:

+Taxi/Livery Vehicle for Hire: $4.00 per Vehicle Departure

+ Bus or Van (Capacity 1-12 Passengers): $18.00 per Vehicle Departure

+ Bus or Van (Capacity 13-24 Passengers): $36.00 per Vehicle Departure

+ Bus or Van (Capacity 25 or More Passengers): $54.00 per Vehicle Departure

There are no exemptions to this tax. If you hire a transportation company to retrieve you from a Chicago airport, and they say they don’t include the tax or charge it to their clients, they’re either lying or breaking the law. 

One way that companies bury the MPEA tax is through their STC charge, usually located somewhere on your invoice or receipt.

When you call a ground transportation to inquire about services, it’s always a good idea to ask about their STC (Standard Transportation Charge); this is because the STC is a convenient little bucket under which they can hide many of their additional charges, taxes and fees.  The company you hire should be straightforward about all of the fees and taxes that are included in your invoice. If they aren’t, run the other way.

OML Worldwide does not hide the MPEA tax from our clients; it is clearly outlined and listed on all of the invoices and receipts we produce. We take our rates, as you can see above, directly from the MPEA website.

It’s important to be informed about the taxes that are legally charged to ground transportation companies and which aren’t. The power of this knowledge could help you avoid being overcharged in the name of “taxes” or dealing with an illicit company that’s functioning outside of the law.

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