What My 3 Month Old Daughter Has Taught Me About Chauffeured Transportation

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When I was a young kid my grandfather used to tell me that everyone you meet can teach you something no matter their age, gender, race or religion.  And that the smartest people in the world learn from as many other people as possible.  So, here are three things my 3 month old daughter (Ryder) has taught me that relate to the world of chauffeured transportation.

Comfort – If Ryder is not comfortable in her bed, car seat or swing she lets me know with a loud shrieking scream.  While your passengers may not be a straight forward as that, if they have an uncomfortable ride they will certainly tell you.  They may tell you by email, phone call or through their check book.  You will definitely know.

Urgency – When Ryder is hungry, sleepy or wants attention she lets me know, again with the loud shrieking scream and she doesn’t take ‘Hold on a minute” all that well.  Your passengers are the same way.  When they want a trip confirmation, receipt, or to book a trip they want it NOW!  Consistently having late response times or the inability to cover last minute trips will quickly get your passenger looking for another provider.

Entertainment – Keeping a 3 month old entertained can be a challenge.  This is not the case for your passengers.  A simple magazine or daily newspaper will suffice and make your passenger’s trip that much more enjoyable.

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Dale Schahczinski
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