When to Splurge and When to Save During Business Travel

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Hold on To Your Wallets (and Then Don’t) During Your Next Business Trip

Business travel can be extremely expensive, and unless you head into your trip knowing exactly when and where it’s worth it to chip away at your expense account budget, things can get out of hand.

Strict expense accounts and overseeing managers can get intimidating when there are so many opportunities to make charges as you navigate your business trip. When comfort and convenience take precedence in the frustrating landscape of the airport, hotels and unfamiliar cities, you need to know when to part with your money and when to tighten your belt.

To help you determine when to save, we’ve compiled this short list of easy-to-follow tips.

Splurge On: Transportation

Picture this: you’ve just gotten off a 4-hour-plus flight, and you have to make a quick turnaround between getting out of the airport and getting to your first business meeting or dinner.

When you need transportation in a cinch, especially during rush hour, finding a cab is virtually impossible. Ride-sharing services are unreliable, as well, and are known for having lax hiring practices, putting you in harm’s way with drivers who haven’t been properly screened.

Safe ground transportation is among the most important elements of business travel, especially for travelers in vulnerable situations. And chauffeured car service is the most reliable option, both in terms of safety and of service.

OML Worldwide has been providing top-tier transportation services to corporate travels around the world for over 50 years; we know what it means to manage a schedule, offer great customer service and ensure that you are taken care of from the moment your plane lands

Transportation, as it is so vital to the success of your business trip, is one aspect that should never devalued—transportation is the time to splurge.

Save On: Airport Food

The airport can be a maze of temptation, especially when you’re tired, hungry and stressed out. Airports know that many travelers are desperate, and they will take advantage of that by charging extra for nearly every convenience.

Don’t fall into the trap of spending extra money at the airport; you can save oodles on your expense account by preparing for your airport experiences beforehand. Packing your own, security-approved snacks is the first step. By bringing your own, you avoid the airport’s prices and the long trek to find food when you’re tired and hungry.

Check out this handy guide on packing snacks that will help keep you going throughout your trip.

Save On: Hotels

Your hotel can be the make-or-break point in your business trip. An uncomfortable bed, loud location or lack of amenities can be a serious headache that puts a roadblock in your focus and productivity.

Unfortunately, paying for a great hotel that serves as a beacon of relaxation and environment can be beyond the confines of many business travelers’ budgets. The costs simply aren’t worth the trouble in the long run, so shopping around for a deal is the most effective way to sidestep the issues.

It’s best to utilize on-the-go technology that can help you find hotels at the last minute—this way, you’ll get to choose from higher-end hotels who are offering special discounts because they want to fill empty rooms.

Hotel Tonight gives you a range of search options and criteria to help you find the best hotel at the last minute, without sacrificing amenities or comforts.

Save On: Flights

Your air travel is another opportunity to overspend—especially if you’re particular about your flights and where you sit when you fly.

It’s important to strike a middle ground between affordability and efficiency—that is, you should never sacrifice the things you need in a flight, like an aisle seat, in-flight meals or Wi-Fi, just because it’s a cheaper deal. You also can’t ignore budget completely when purchasing your tickets. You just need to find a way to spot the flights that suit both your budget and your requirements.

That’s where apps come in.

Here are a few great apps for finding great, affordable flights and even catering to your own tastes:



We hope these easy ideas will inspire you to travel better during your next business trip, no matter its demands.

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