Why You Can’t Say “CAN’T”

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In life, there are certain things we can’t do…at least as far as logic is concerned. I can safely say that I can’t dance on the head of a pin, or I can’t count the grains of sand on the beach. But if you think about it, can’t may not be the right word. After all, I suppose I COULD dance on the head of a pin, if the pin were large enough (and I could dance), and counting the grains of sand on the beach is possible in theory, if there were enough time, and I had the names of all the “illions” that come after Trillion.
For those of us in the limousine industry, we are frequently asked for things that – at first glance – might seem impossible to do. A common example is when a client calls a limousine service and want to only pay cab rates. The initial response might be; “We can’t give provide service that cheap”. In reality…you can. But it doesn’t make good business sense to charge taxi rates…unless of course you are a taxi service.
There are alternatives to using the word can’t. For instance, if a client calls O’Hare-Midway Limousine Service and asks if we can provide chauffeured transportation from O’Hare Airport to Chicago for $30.00, saying “we can’t” should be replaced with a counter proposal…or perhaps a brief explanation of the cost involved in operating a quality – and legal – limousine service. After all, there are quite a few low quality and illegal services operating in the Chicago limo market. But an uninformed traveler may not mind taking a death-defying ride in a beat up sedan to save a few dollars.  So it’s not a matter of whether we CAN offer incredibly cheap rates.  We choose NOT to.  Instead, we will continue to offer quality and comfort at a reasonable price.

That’s something we CAN do.

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Dale Schahczinski
Goal driven team leader, with industry experience spanning all aspects of operations and administration.