Why You Should Think Twice About Hiring Uber

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Do You Trust This Technology Company?

The history and practices of the “transportation network company,” Uber, have been called into question by several publications and groups of people over the past year. From Uber’s questionable privacy policies to their less-than-satisfactory insurance standards, the wool is being pulled from the consumer’s eyes to reveal the truth: Uber isn’t the company you think it is.

Here are a few reasons to think twice before booking your trip with Uber.

Almost Anyone Can Drive for Uber

When you book a transportation service, especially for an important occasion, don’t you want to feel assured that the person responsible for driving you is competent, to know that they’ve undergone a background check and had their driving history examined for indiscretions? Of course you do.

And that’s why Uber isn’t a good choice for the savvy customer. Almost anyone can drive for Uber; there is no license check, and thus far, there’s no real interview process. All you have to do to be approved, necessarily, is to pass a downloadable video test.

Your license isn’t swept for driving history either; all you need to do is submit your vehicle registration and head to a designated spot for training on the Uber app.

Price Gouging

When you choose Uber over a professional, accredited, reputable car service company, one of the things you sacrifice is the luxury of transparent billing and steady prices.

If you choose a trustworthy car service company, you can learn their rates per hour or the cost of their packages and never worry that they’ll hike the price up because of demand or opportunity.

For instance, during a recent snowstorm in New York, Uber was forced to cap their price surges at 280% of their normal rate.

When you book a legitimate car service company to handle your transportation, you can trust their prices to stay consistent and transparent each time you book.

Uber is Not a “Service Provider”

Since its inception, Uber has presented itself as a “service provider.” It is, decidedly, not a service provider. Rather, Uber is a technology company, one that puts very little stock in providing safe, reliable services to its customers.

The company’s low standards for drivers, insurance, and the safety of its customers’ personal information makes it a risk for every person who books. With just about anyone able to sign on as an Uber driver, how can you be sure that the person who drives you has sufficient insurance to cover your injuries should an accident occur? What about the dangers you face by being driven by someone whose driving history hasn’t been thoroughly examined?

Don’t put your trust in a company that doesn’t go to the effort to ensure that its customers are being driven by legitimate professionals.

Insurance is Insufficient

A legitimate transportation company is required to carry the minimum amount of state insurance on their vehicles in order to operate legally. Why would you entrust your next trip or event transportation to a company that isn’t held to those standards?

Uber claims that it checks with its drivers to validate insurance on their vehicles, yet there is no process and no documentation for proving that they do this regularly and with every driver. With some drivers only working for short bursts of time and then falling off the radar, it is virtually impossible for every driver to verify his or her insurance and the status of their vehicle.

These are just a handful of reasons to think twice before booking with Uber when you need transportation. A legitimate transportation company will provide you with trustworthy chauffeurs, pristine vehicles, reliable insurance and transparent billing.

Don’t sacrifice your personal and financial safety to the Uber machine.

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