Winter in the Midwest….

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Typically in Chicago, we’ll see our first snowflakes at the end of October or early November. They aren’t usually attached to a major storm…just a light flurry to remind us that winter is on its way. Today – January 24, 2013 – we are finishing our 333rd consecutive day without a snowfall over an inch. In addition, I think it’s fair to say that we’ve experienced all of three seasons this winter, with rain, sleet, ice, and temperatures from slightly below zero to the low 60’s.

With unpredictable weather comes unpredictable driving. One of the things O’Hare-Midway Limousine Service has made part of our routine is to remind our chauffeurs to take precautions when the weather turns sour. We could always “assume” they are being careful, but a little friendly reminder is our way of making them aware that – even if conditions are okay where they are – the expectation is that things will get worse.

Normally, we remind our chauffeurs to reduce speed and increase following distances. This is the most effective safety measure a chauffeur can employ. We also dispatch vehicles further in advance and ask them to arrive early to pickups whenever possible. By giving extra time, we are trying to take the “hurry” out of the chauffeur’s routine. Drivers who are not in a hurry tend to avoid making poor decisions.

Another of the key concepts we preach is to watch out for the other guy. O’Hare-Midway has been operating in the Chicago limousine market for 57 years, and every year our safety record is subject to review by insurance carriers. Our recent history has been very good, and we strive to keep it that way by encouraging our chauffeurs to anticipate conflict on the road. Watching out for the mistakes of other drivers is step two…after watch out for your own.

Winter weather has been erratic here, but in Chicago limousine companies that have been in business longer than 5 minutes know that it will eventually arrive…and with a vengeance. The safety of our clientele is our primary focus, and a great reason to choose O’Hare-Midway!

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Dale Schahczinski
Goal driven team leader, with industry experience spanning all aspects of operations and administration.