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Wisdom is associated with experience. Age is associated with wisdom. If I remember anything about high school math, it was; If a = b and b = c, then a = c.
Age and experience is something we are proud to have at O’Hare-Midway Limousine Service. We were established in 1956, and have been operating continually since, providing clients with limousine, sedan, and bus transportation options in and around Chicago. We have transported politicians and dignitaries, ballplayers and sports writers, newborns and the families of those recently passed. Experience tells us what people need, and the fluctuations in business patterns which used to catch us by surprise are now anticipated.
We are O’Hare-Midway Limousine Service and OML Worldwide Transportation and Events, and we are wise. Our wisdom comes from our experience. Now, it’s time for others to experience our quality service.

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Dale Schahczinski
Goal driven team leader, with industry experience spanning all aspects of operations and administration.