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In a city that consistently ranks No. 1 on the list of worst traffic in the country, why bother with the stress of driving in unfamiliar territory? Traffic often takes an unexpected turn for the worse here, but our drivers are skilled navigators of Los Angeles’ infamously bad traffic. You’ll never have to worry about missing a flight, dinner reservation, or business meeting.

LA is the country’s capital of luxury – why not make transportation during your stay here equally luxurious? Let OML take you wherever you need to go, from the Hollywood Hills to the coast.

About Traveling Los Angeles

Los Angeles has its fair share of attractions that, albeit touristy, are still worth seeing: the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, the studio tour at Universal Studios. But step away from the beaten path and you’ll see the City of Angels has so much more to offer than just Hollywood.

Head to the coast and explore Venice Beach, a longtime hangout for the creative and the eclectic. The promenade is full of unique shops and galleries, street performers, music and comedy clubs, and lots of food. Pedal along the beachfront bike path, walk the canals, or take a dip in the Pacific.

For more family-friendly beachfront fun, head north up the coast to Santa Monica Pier, an entertainment hub complete with concerts, al fresco movie nights, an aquarium, and an amusement park. Go south to Marina Del Rey for paddleboarding or ocean kayaking. Afterward, head to Fisherman’s Village for a little shopping, some live music, and a bite to eat.

Art history buffs will appreciate LA’s collection of museums, including the Museum of Contemporary Art, the J. Paul Getty Museum, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. These architecturally astounding buildings are just as impressive as the works housed inside.
Exposition Park is just as impressive. The 160-acre downtown compound is home to a collection of museums, the famous Memorial Coliseum, and Rose Garden.

There is a variety of ethnic enclaves in LA, including Little Tokyo, located near City Hall. Take a walking tour of the neighborhood, shop, and dine on authentic Japanese cuisine. West of Downtown LA lies Koreatown, one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in the city. Grab some Korean barbecue, pamper yourself at a bathhouse, or grab drinks at one of K-town’s many dive bars and speakeasies.

Spend the afternoon in Griffith Park, California’s largest state park. The park encompasses the Los Angeles Zoo, the Griffith Observatory, The Greek Theatre, golf courses, and miles of hiking trails, making it an ideal outing for every age and interest. Catch a game at Dodger Stadium, the third-oldest ballpark in MLB history, located in Echo Park. Before the game, go paddle-boating on the Echo Park Lake, walk the Baxter Street Stairs (231 in total) for a great view of the city, and admire the Victorian homes along historic Carroll Avenue.

As the embodiment of urban sprawl, it’s hard to imagine what LA looked like before it was so developed. Resident Angelenos and out-of-towners alike can appreciate a piece of LA’s prehistoric past at the La Brea Tar Pits & Museum. Natural asphalt has seeped from the ground for 40,000 years, preserving the fossils of mammoths, dire wolves, and saber-tooth cats.

Business trips and nights on the town are a lot more enjoyable when transportation isn’t a primary concern. Reserve limo transportation with our expert drivers and we’ll get you where you need to be on time and in style.

Cancellation & Reservation Policies

Our Cancellation Policy

We prefer to receive any cancellations or changes at least 24 hours in advance, but we understand that unexpected things happen and will accept them up to at least one hour prior to the scheduled pickup time.

If one hour notice is not given, we will charge the minimum fare for a “no-show”.

Please retain the cancellation number our reservationist gives you for your records. If a change order is given for a later pickup time and it is not received within one hour of the original pickup time, a “wait time” charge will be incurred.

Drug Policy

We are aware that office employees or chauffeurs who use or abuse prohibited substances are a danger to themselves, their coworkers and to the customers who depend upon them to transport them securely in one of our vehicles. We can no longer depend upon individual discretion to provide the guarantee that substance abuse does not adversely affect any one of us. We realize that in today’s complex society it is necessary for O’Hare-Midway Limousine Service to insist upon the strict implementation and enforcement of this policy – and we intend to do so.

Any chauffeur who tests positive for substance abuse will not be “eligible for dispatch”; he or she will not be allowed to drive an O’Hare-Midway Limousine Service vehicle under any circumstance. All office employees will also be required to have “drug-free” status in order to remain on the job. We conduct periodic random tests to ensure that our staff is well monitored. Additionally, all new office employees and chauffeurs will be tested as a condition of employment. This policy is just one more way that O’Hare-Midway Limousine Service will demonstrate the important commitment to providing clients with the safest and most reliable form of ground transportation in Chicagoland.

Luggage Limitations Policy

In order to protect the property of our clientele, and in the interest of safety in general, the following luggage policies apply:

  • Luggage must fit completely inside the vehicle. Tie-downs are prohibited.
  • If a client has more luggage than we are able to fit into the vehicles trunk, a PRIVATE CAR is required. If you are unsure whether or not your luggage will fit, it is strongly suggested that you reserve a private car. Shared Car clients will not just be sharing a vehicle, but will need to share truck space as well. Please take this into consideration when reserving your vehicle.
  • Skis will not fit safely in a Sedan. A Limousine or SUV will be necessary to ensure the safety of this equipment, as well as the safety of the chauffeur and passenger(s).
  • Luggage that will not fit in the closed trunk of the vehicle will be put inside the car, as long as the safety of the chauffeur and passengers is not compromised.
No Nonsense Alcohol Policy

Our alcoholic beverage policy is based upon two statutes under current Illinois law. The first statute, #5/5-1, Class 8, deals with the distribution of alcoholic beverages. This law states that a license must be issued by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission in order to distribute alcohol. Under no circumstance may a license be issued to a livery vehicle. Therefore, it is illegal for O’Hare-Midway to provide alcohol to our passengers.

The second statute, #5/11-502, deals with the transportation or possession of alcoholic beverages in a motor vehicle. This law states that it is illegal for anyone to transport or drink alcoholic beverages in a motor vehicle. However, this statute “…shall not apply to the passengers in a limousine when it is being used for purposes for which a limousine is ordinarily used, the passengers on a chartered bus when it is being used for purposes for which chartered buses are ordinarily used…” Furthermore, “…a limousine is a motor vehicle of the first division with the passenger compartment enclosed by a partition or dividing window used in the for-hire transportation of passengers and operated by an individual in possession of a valid Illinois driver’s license of the appropriate classification…” As a result, we will allow our adult passengers to drink their own alcohol ONLY in a stretch limousine or mini-coach. No minor under 21 years of age is allowed to drink in our vehicles.

Our Reservation Policy

When you call to make a reservation, our reservationist will first ask you for the passenger’s contact phone number, including the area code, regardless of the pickup location. This number accesses the passenger’s profile in our computer system. This file will consist of the passenger’s name, address, preferred payment method, and an additional space for any special instructions.

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