Airport Transportation Kenosha

Make sure you get to your flight on time and safely, every time, with OML Worldwide!
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Airport Transportation Kenosha

When you need to get to the airport; whether it is O’Hare or Midway, or even out of state, OML Worldwide will pick you up in Kenosha, Illinois and get you there on time for your flight!  We are known for providing people the punctuality and family service that our clients have relied on.  Whether you need to get to the airport on time OML Worldwide is your number one option! For 60 years we have been helping businesses, travelers, and families get to airports with plenty of time to catch their flights. When you rely on OML Worldwide for your airport transportation needs you are choosing to rely on a business known for:

We pride ourselves on being safe, reliable, with a courteous fleet of drivers to ensure you get to whatever you airport you need.  We are here for you whenever you need us!  To make a reservation fill out the contact form, click on our book, download our app or call us now:


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It’s 1 hour before your flight, you’re driving down the highway as fast as you can! You still need to go through security, check your bag, and check in to the flight. You know it is cutting it close, trying to find a parking space on the 5th level, wrestling the bags out of the car.

This nightmare scenario is one that we have all experienced trying to catch a flight at any airport across America. However, with a few travel tips, and a great local Kenosha airport transportation service, you can make every airport experience a dream.  Trusting an airport limo service can be an unnerving proposition and thought.  However, with a great limo service, you can put those fears to rest.  You know that the driver is going to get there on time, have a powerful team behind them to rely on for traffic patterns, and up to date flight information.  Whether you are traveling with a family and kids, trying to make your next business meeting in another city, or just looking to get away, a great airport transportation service can let you ride in comfort and stress-free environment.

Local Kenosha Airport Transportation Services

So here are some travel tips that you need to know to live in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  The great news is that these are all pretty much, common sense:

1. Know the Rush Hours:  To get to Milwaukee, O’Hare, or Madison you know that you are going to take 290 as the fastest way to get there.  Therefore, 7:30-9:30 am and 4:30 and 6:30 pm. O’Hare is now recommending you get to the airport 3 hours ahead of your flight.  A local airport transportation service can also recommend the best time for pickups when you are making your reservation as well.

3. Don’t get caught up with wrong items: One time, when flying out of Tampa, we were delayed 45 minutes at a security checkpoint because someone threw a big bottle of water in their carry on.  There are certain rules as to what is in a carry on bag and what is not. So when packing your bag in Kenosha, check to see what is allowed in a carry-on.  This will get you through security much faster and not force you to juggle around items. 2. Your time will depend on the day:  There are certain travel days at O’Hare that are busier than others.  Thursday is the busiest day at the airport whereas Tuesday and Wednesday you will probably get through security faster.

4. Check Security Times: Before you leave check on the posted security checkpoint times.  O’Hare’s is here.  

5. Fastest Terminals: At O’Hare  specifically certain airlines fly out of different terminals.  Therefore, you might have a long walk to your gate when you are flying United than if you were flying American. Just be aware that your walk time is going to take a little longer depending on which airline you are flying out of.


Why Use a Transportation Service

For Expert travelers out of Kenosha, Illinois they know the ins and outs of how to maximize their time to get to a flight. So why should you rely on an airport transportation system to help?
Drivers know the area

  • Help with your luggage and baggage
  • Background checked safe drivers
  • Drop Right off in front of the airport entrance
  • Less stress on the travel
  • No need to pay parking fees on long trips
  • Local Kenosha navigation knowledge and experience
  • You can use the office as a resource for questions


If you are looking to book a limo or other transportation to O’hare or Midway airports call us at 847-948-8050

Airport Transportation Kenosha

For over 30 years, OML Worldwide has been the number one choice for airport transportation in Kenosha!  However, we also have a myriad of other services in Kenosha as well!  Take a look at more of our services in Kenosha below! 

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