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Wedding Limo Arlington Heights

For over 60 years OML Worldwide has been the number one transportation for the residents of Arlington Heights, Illinois! We are the best full service wedding transportation service in the area. Whether you need to get to your wedding on time yourself, or you need to get your entire wedding party there; OML Worldwide has the reputation you can rely on. We have an entire fleet of multiple vehicle types ready to help you when you need us. When your wedding is done then try booking the party bus to bring your reception to the next level! Here are just a few reasons why should entrust the best day of your life to OML Worldwide:

  • 5 Star Reviewed Business on The Knot 
  • 4.8 Star Reviews and Recommendations on Facebook 
  • Safe, Quick, and a Relaxing Ride For Your Entire Wedding Party!
  • 60 Plus Years Of a Veteran Owned Business
  • A Rated and Recommended on Angies List
  • Chauffeur Driven Magazine Recommended Business For Affiliates

Our wedding service at OML Worldwide in Arlington Heights is second to none. We are here for you whenever you need us!  To make a reservation fill out the contact form, click on our book, download our app or call us now:


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Wedding Limo Tips for Arlington Heights Residents

When you look back on your wedding day make sure it is the great memories of love and amazing ceremony you remember not the nightmare you endured with your wedding limo service. OML Worldwide sets the standard when it comes to wedding limo services. We take wedding transportation to a new level with our dedication to customer service and our attention to detail.

When you are planning a wedding the transportation is an important part of making your day less stressful and less worrisome.  There are certain things you can do to make sure that your wedding transportation service is on point no matter which service you choose. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are booking the transportation for your next wedding in Arlington Heights:

Know Your Numbers Before You Call: Wedding transportation services in Arlington Heights love when you know your numbers for travelling.  You are going to get asked how many people are riding, the distance from pick up to the venue, from the venue to the reception hall, from the reception hall to your hotel. Determine how many people are going to ride in the limo or cars you are requesting. If you want a party bus, let them know and they will make it so.  This will help them determine the number of vehicles the type and the best options for your wedding group.

Use a Reputable Service:  Don’t get us wrong. We are all about trying to save where you can when it comes to planning a wedding.  We know how that is.  However, wedding transportation services in Arlington Heights will definitely work with you and find the best options. Don’t choose the cheapest service that only has one vehicle or one driver. Make sure that you choose a licensed DOT service in Arlington Heights because they have multiple drivers and multiple vehicles that can cater to your needs.  

Book Early:  The earlier you can book your wedding vehicles the better it is.  This will give you the best chance to get the vehicles you need the time you need. Chances are there are other people getting married, other corporate events, conferences going on that day.  This is especially true when it comes to requesting a specialty vehicle like a party bus (a definite wedding must if you want it!). Book your trip as early as possible and then plan for the people taking the vehicles.


Leave Yourself a 20-25 Minute Window: Between getting ready, getting makeup, getting your hair done, for you and your bridal party, you want to leave yourself enough time.  Make sure on your wedding day that you aren’t rushed or hurrying through important things because the ride is there. Leave yourself 20-25 minutes window in order to make sure you have everything and everyone is ready. This will keep you stress-free and not put more pressure on you or the wedding party.

Don’t Fill the Vehicle to Capacity: Be comfortable.  Be relaxed.  Don’t crush your clothes.  If you have 6 people traveling choose a vehicle that sits 8.  This will give you comfort and class and again not make it feel cramped and stressed on your wedding day.  This will also be better at coordinating other rides and how other people are going to get to your venue.

Don’t Forget Traffic: As much as we all hope traffic never plays a factor in getting from one place to another. However, the reality is that there will be traffic. Keep in mind normal traffic around Arlington Heights on your day as well when you will need the vehicle. There is nothing wrong with getting to your venue as early as possible.  Leave yourself time after the ceremony as well to get to the reception.  Due to photos and other things after the ceremony, you will love the extra time.

Make Sure To Double Check Your Itinerary:  Just take a second to look through the confirmation so you can learn about cancellation look at all the fees and double check times. OML Worldwide is dedicated to customer service we will send you a confirmation order to make sure that everything goes smoothly with your wedding in Arlington Heights.

Sometimes Multiple Vehicles are Cheaper:  Inquire about different vehicles that seat smaller numbers of people instead of grabbing one that will fit everyone.  Sometimes getting two or 3 SUVs can be cheaper and more economical than getting a big van.  Our in house wedding experts can give you pricing for transportation throughout Arlington Heights and the surrounding area. 


Wedding Limo Service Arlington Heights

Busses, cars, limos, SUVs, we have you covered.  We are ready to help you with your wedding day and make sure that the transportation is covered in Arlington Heights. We have dedicated an entire spot on our site to the residents of Arlington Heights and have provided you with tips for the different kinds of transportation service you are looking for below.  Learn more about these services and pass them along to friends or family that might need them.

If you are looking to book a wedding now call us at 847-948-8050

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